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"We take care of every aspect of your property insurance claim, removing all the stress and hassle. We represent you and protect your interests throughout the full process"

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about concept

Concept is proud to offer over two decades of expertise in insurance claims management, building related repairs, home improvement and maintenance solutions.

A relentless commitment to customer experience permeates every level of our organisation.

We love what we do, and we show it.

For total peace of mind, we only use approved contractors that are skilled and take great pride in their work. 

Concept is part of the Insurance Solutions Group which comprises of 7 companies and approximately 120 employees. We have teams of surveyors, builders, plasters, plumbers, electricians and highly qualified technical staff. This allows your Concept local manager to oversee the project management and building reinstatement work with complete support and backing from Head Office.

Insurance Claim Management Specialists

We take care of every aspect of your property insurance claim, removing all the stress and hassle. We represent you and protect your interests throughout the full claims process. 

Insurance Claims Services

As a National Network we work with policyholders, insurance companies and loss adjusters to reinstate a property as quickly as possible.
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Broker Services

Most brokers and property agents want what is best for their customer and so use the Concept service as they have the confidence that their customer will be well looked after.
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Building Repair Services

Loss adjusters, surveyors, tradespeople and highly qualified technical staff to oversee building reinstatement work.
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Loss Assessing Services

A nationwide network of sub-contractors is engaged across the Group to support its directly employed teams.
Our Services

“The complete service from initial survey to the completion of the repairs by Concept Claim Solutions’ approved contractors is at no cost to you (other than the excess).”



The acceptance rate for home insurance claims is only 82.8%. During the 2017/18 period, only an average of 82.8% of the total number of home insurance claims made were accepted.

Whilst some insurers have claims acceptance rates of approximately 99%, many obviously have a rate far below and consumers do not review this data when choosing an insurer.

Whilst the lowest average insurance claim pay-out by some insurance companies is £1,250, for others it is £11,250.

With 1 in 5 claims being rejected and often the initial offer from an insurer not covering the full potential costs to the policyholder, it is important that you have professional representation when making a claim on your buildings insurance.

The marketing promises made by insurers of how easy and straight forward making a claim will be that are provided when a policy is sold, as the statistics on claim rejections and complaints plainly show, are not always the reality when a policy holder comes to make a claim.

Why Do Our Policyholder Customers Choose Concept?

Our customers choose us for a variety of reasons, but efficiency and transparency are what make our service stand out from the crowd. We are experts when it comes to managing insurance claims and property reinstatement. 

We will swiftly visit you at home to get the ball rolling and take care of every aspect of your insurance claim. Meaning you are able to continue with your day-to-day life safe in the knowledge that your best interests are being protected on behalf of policyholders.

All of our customers have a single point of contact (Concept local manager) during the insurance claims process to ensure effective and clear communication with all parties involved.



We deal with

We deal with everything providing a cradle to grave service that includes dealing with contractors, administration, insurance companies etc and we ensure all parties are treated fairly when negotiating a settlement.

We deal with a wide
range of claims

We deal with a wide range of claims from small basic decorating jobs resulting from a water leak to large complex full house fires. Our report schedules are very detailed - we break down costs for all items individually ensuring full transparency for all parties.

We only use qualified

We use qualified/time served vetted tradesmen and repair work is usually started within a few days of receiving authorisation from the insurer.

Our managers will
safeguard you

Our local managers will safeguard policyholder interests as we understand insurer and loss adjuster approaches to claims handling.

We deal with claims

Our experience means that we present a claim expertly to insurers to obtain authorisation to proceed with the repairs quickly.

We invoice the insurer

We invoice the insurer directly so no cash outlay to you (apart from the policy excess).
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