Tackling the County Lines Problem: The Power of Parent Support Groups Concept Claim Solutions and the Council’s Complex Safeguarding team have joined forces to establish a support group for parents affected by County Lines. This initiative represents a small but significant step towards tackling the isolation and the stigma associated with this issue. The primary […]

Tips For When Your Property is Flooded

Flooding incidents are becoming increasingly common in the UK, with Storm Barat causing havoc throughout the UK and causing significant damage to properties and disrupting lives. However, following the right steps can help you get things back on track. Concept Claim Solutions is an expert insurance claims management company with over 20 years of experience […]

Common Home Insurance Mistakes

When claiming on your home or building insurance, it’s essential to fully understand the mistakes that frequently lead to claims being denied or delayed. Here are our top five common insurance claim mistakes to avoid: (1) Assuming You’re Covered for Accidental Damage Some people don’t realise that accidental damage is not always automatically included in […]