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Most brokers and property agents want what is best for their customer and so use the Concept service as they have the confidence that their customer will be well looked after. Below are the factors that influence why a broker or property agent may choose to utilise the Concept service
Concept Claim Solutions


High customer satisfaction rate

High post claim customer satisfaction rate leading to retained customers at renewal. Research shows that policyholders with a bad claims experience often change provider at renewal.

Value for money

An opportunity to liaise with their customer and demonstrate the customer is receiving ‘value for money’ from their insurance product. Most brokers have very little interaction with their customers once they have sold the product to them – again this can lead to losing a customer at renewal.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction – through Concept handling the insurance claim the broker/property agent negates the need for the additional administration and frequent communication that comes from liaising with the policyholder during the claims process. This saves them time and ultimately money as Concept does it all for them and just keeps them updated.

Cost transparency

Fair claim costs – Concept provide a detailed schedule of works giving complete cost transparency and will undertake emergency mitigation works where required to reduce claim costs and ensure the insurer is not overpaying for the claim.

Efficient project management

Concept local managers focus on reducing the claim lifecycle through efficient project management and effective communication providing an improved customer journey in comparison to claims where Concept are not involved.

Rapid identification of fraud

Rapid identification of fraudulent or wear and tear claims by Concept’s local manager means that brokers can be confident that only valid claims are submitted to their insurers. This helps insurers avoid ‘burning the book’ – a term that refers to them paying out more in claims than they have received in premiums.