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Why Do Insurance Brokers Partner With Us?

Maximising efficiency and providing unparalleled service is crucial in the insurance industry. At Concept Claim Solutions, we understand the importance of expertly handling claims to achieve fair settlements and restore our clients’ property to its pre-loss state as quickly as possible.

By delegating the claims process to our team of trusted experts, insurance brokers can save valuable time and provide their clients with a single point of contact who is committed to their needs. Our goal is to reduce the claim lifecycle through clear communication, removing any potential confusion as our Local Manager becomes the policyholder’s sole point of contact. We undertake all emergency works, drying, and building repairs to offer a complete solution that eliminates delays and stresses. Our vast network of FCA-authorised Local Managers covers the entire UK.

In the competitive insurance marketplace, differentiating yourself from rivals is essential. By partnering with Concept Claim Solutions, insurance brokers can offer more comprehensive and efficient services to their clients, setting themselves apart. With our expertise, insurance brokers can offer higher levels of service, save time, achieve better outcomes, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Mishandling claims can have a negative impact on both insurance brokers and their clients. We have the expertise to mitigate risks and ensure that claims are handled correctly, giving insurance brokers and clients peace of mind.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide exceptional service to your clients. Get in touch with Concept Claim Solutions today to learn more about the benefits of offering an insurance claims management service to your clients at no cost to you. When we complete the repairs, the policyholder only pays the policy excess.

To find out more, please email: rebecca.dean@concept-solutions.co.uk